Transportation of ventilation equipment from Istanbul to Nur-Sultan

Transportation of ventilation equipment from Istanbul to Nur-Sultan


TRANSASIA LOGISTICS performs such work of increased complexity as the transportation of large consignments of industrial equipment and production lines. For this, our company carries out all the necessary preparatory measures and exercise special control over the implementation of these works.

With its approach, TRANSASIA LOGISTICS deservedly enjoys the reputation of a reliable partner, proven over the years of joint cooperation with a number of large companies.

We present to your attention a large project that has added to the list of successfully completed tasks.

Project type: Transportation of ventilation equipment for a facility under construction in Nur-Sultan

Project scope: 2 awnings

Brief description of the project: cars left on September 5 and arrived on September 15 with delivery to the door. Warehouse and customs costs were paid by the client. We provided round-the-clock escort of cars seven days a week

Observing the road rules, the entry into the city of freight transport is allowed on certain roads after 22.00, and we also carry out the withdrawal of vehicles to the bypass under escort.